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Tennis is a very popular, year-round activity at Hamlin Plantation. The five lighted courts are in constant use by children and adults of all ages and level of experience. There are numerous camps, clinics and lessons available for residents. There is also USTA team play, specifically: Mens’ 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5 teams and women’s 2.5, 3.0 and 3.5 teams. There are also mixed doubles teams. For the most up-to-date availability, there is a bulletin board at the courts or login to the resident login area of this site.

The tennis courts at Hamlin offer 5 lighted USTA regulated courts.  One court also offers a backboard for solo practice.  Private lessons, group lessons, clinics, junior tennis, and camps, are available for all ages.

For competitive play, 
Hamlin tennis enthusiasts can register for many of the Hamlin USTA tennis teams, CALTA Charleston Ladies Tennis Association, and USTA junior league.

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Residents may invite a maximum of six (6) guests per visit. The Resident shall accompany their guests at all times while on the premises. Please note the definition of guests in Section 1. 

• Courts can be reserved by residents only, through the website . Residents can request a login to reserve courts by selecting “create an account” and providing information. By selecting “enter as guest” residents can see available courts without having to log in. If not booked, then courts are available for Hamlin Residents on a first-come, first-served basis between 7:00 A.M. and 10:00 P.M. (courts 4/5) and 11:00 P.M. (courts 1-3). 

• Recreational Play should be limited to one hour if others are waiting to use the courts. If no one is waiting to use the courts, play may continue. 

• Only flat-soled tennis shoes may be worn on the courts. No black-soled shoes are allowed. 

• No one other than the actual players may be inside the fenced area. Those waiting to play and spectators must stay outside the fenced area. Please be respectful of matches being played and minimize your distractions while waiting. 

• No pets, chairs, stools, furniture, baby strollers, or playpens are allowed inside the fenced area. 

• Only non-breakable containers shall be used on courts. Glass containers are prohibited. 

• Jumping, climbing, and swinging on the nets, fences, or other structures is prohibited. 

• All trash should be placed in proper receptacles. At the conclusion of play, court trash cans should be emptied into the trash and recycling cans between courts 1 & 2/3. 

• There will be no non-tennis related activities on the Courts (e.g. biking, rollerblading, skateboarding, using strollers, playing lacrosse, or playing any game other than tennis) 

• Gates should be closed and lights turned off when leaving the courts. 


• Hamlin Residents may hire a tennis instructor to teach individual lessons or lessons to a group of Residents and these instructors shall be the guest of the Resident. The maximum number of Residents for group lessons is twelve (12). One instructor shall be present per court. All minors must have a waiver signed by their parent or guardian (Attachment A). The waiver shall be submitted to the neighborhood management company and the tennis committee ( ) at least 5 days prior to starting lessons. The liability waiver does not expire, thus additional waivers are not required for subsequent lessons. 

• Tennis instructors shall provide proof of liability insurance coverage to the neighborhood management company in the minimum coverage amount of one million dollars ($1,000,000) and shall name Hamlin Plantation Property Owners Association, Inc. as additional named insured. Proof of insurance shall be provided by the tennis instructor prior to their conducting the first lesson and shall also be provided annually thereafter prior to the renewal of the date of the first lesson provided by the instructor. Tennis instructors must sign the yearly contract, and abide by all rules set forth (available upon request) 

• Lessons shall be scheduled up to one (1) week in advance of the session by emailing the Tennis Committee ( ). However, league play will take priority for court space. Names of all participants and instructor(s) must be provided. If the desired time and day is available, the reservation will be posted on the tennisbookings website. Lessons shall be scheduled in a manner to ensure courts 4 & 5 remain open for play by other Residents. 

• Tennis instructors shall not utilize Hamlin Plantation’s name, trademark, branding, reference, or Amenities in any marketing material, nor shall they make reference to being associated in any way with Hamlin Plantation as each tennis instructor shall be hired by Residents only and shall not be associated with Hamlin Plantation other than being able to use the tennis courts at Hamlin Plantation. 

• Tennis instructors are subject to the neighborhood non-solicitation policy. Any instructor interested in offering lessons may submit their names, contact information and proof of insurance to the neighborhood management company, and a list will be posted on the tennis court bulletin board and reservation website. 

• Failure of any tennis instructor to meet the requirements of this Policy may result in 

limitations imposed upon the instructor or may result in suspension of teaching privileges at Hamlin Plantation. The Board will provide a written warning to the tennis instructor prior to taking any action. 

League Tennis Teams (adult and junior/youth teams) 

• Tennis Committee approval is required for any new tennis team. The Captain of all tennis teams must be a Hamlin Plantation Resident. The team Captain shall be responsible for all guest players. At least 50% of match tennis participants shall be comprised of Hamlin Plantation Residents, subject to review by the Tennis Committee. 

• A copy of the league-generated roster and addresses (with guests highlighted), the team schedule, court requirements, and the participant’s waivers must be turned in to the neighborhood management company for approval by the Board one week after the schedule is published by the league. Once approved, the schedule will be posted on the tennisbookings website and the bulletin board. Makeup matches due to inclement weather shall be coordinated between the team captain and the Tennis Committee. 

• Captains of teams are responsible for ensuring all General Policies in Section 1 are followed.